Mission statement

The Illinois Institute of Technology Libraries apply our diverse resources of staff, space and technology to drive innovation and effect change through knowledge and scholarship.

Vision statement

The Illinois Institute of Technology Libraries are an integral component of the university, buttressing all core activities. Driven by a focus on service and teaching, we provide value to the university, its patrons, peer institutions, and the world with innovative programs, infrastructure and outreach. The Libraries continually evolve to anticipate patron needs, expand services, hone its collections, and ensure preservation, storage and access to valuable materials in a variety of formats. Providing both physical and virtual collaborative spaces in accordance with changing patterns of usage, we promote creativity, innovation and learning, and enhance interaction among our students, researchers, scholars and faculty across academic disciplines. The Libraries cooperate with departments throughout campus to engender cross-departmental synergies and interact with colleagues from a variety of professions to create tools and content to nurture discovery and foster learning. The Libraries are the circulatory system of the university, with a strong heart and vessels reaching all avenues of university life to bring intellectual nourishment and strengthen its educational and research mission.


  • Quality: The Illinois Institute of Technology Libraries commit to providing excellent resources and patron-centered service resulting in value to the stakeholders.
  • Knowledge: We promote access to and the availability and preservation of knowledge, fostering lifelong learning and technological literacy.
  • Creativity: We foster an environment of innovation, respect, curiosity, risk-taking, diversity and collaboration.
  • Intellectual Enrichment: We encourage active listening, the free flow of information and civil discourse.