About the Library Student Advisory Group

2022-23 LSAG Members
2022-23 LSAG Members

The Library Student Advisory Group (LSAG) is composed of a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students representing different colleges, programs and backgrounds. The purpose of the LSAG is to provide feedback, input and recommendations to the library on topics such as services, programming, space, and collection. Meetings are held three times per semester during the Fall and Spring academic terms.


To contact the Library Student Advisory Group with questions about library services, membership, or meetings, please e-mail Yi Han yhan27@iit.edu.  

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2022-2023 Membership

  • Kelsey Lopez Aldas, undergraduate, Amour College of Engineering
  • Mohammed Wasim Rafeeq Ahamed Dilshad Begum, graduate, Amour College of Engineering
  • Mohit Jadhav, graduate, College of Computing
  • Michael Johanson, undergraduate, Lewis College of Science and Letters 
  • Shivam Gupta, graduate, College of Computing 
  • Saiprasaad Kalyanaraman, graduate, College of Computing 
  • Navaneeth Kamath, graduate, College of Computing
  • Anamika Kumari, graduate, College of Engineering
  • Aditi Kumar, undergraduate, College of Computing
  • Jiwon Min, undergraduate, Amour College of Engineering 
  • Abinash Mohanty, graduate, Stuart School of Business
  • Riya Poudyal, undergraduate, College of Computing
  • Hashir Shah, undergraduate, College of Computing
  • Leah Shofner, undergraduate, Amour College of Engineering
  • Giridhar Vemoori Subramanyam, graduate, Amour College of Engineering
  • Vidhi Chiragkumar Tralsawala, graduate, Armour College of Engineering
  • Dharshina Venkatesan, graduate, College of Computing 
  • Anujin Zorigt, undergraduate, Armour College of Engineering

Library Staff Members: 

  • Yi Han, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement
  • Sean Murphy, Head of Access Services
  • Jennifer Worrell, Assistant to the Dean and Office Manager

News and Events

2023 Paper Tower Challenge
2023 Paper Tower Challenge

On March 3rd, teams of students from across campus were invited to compete in the LSAG Tallest Paper Tower Challenge, in celebration of National Engineering Week! Students put their on-the-fly engineering skills to the test. To win, they needed to build the tallest tower out of nothing but paper, tape, and staples - in only 15 minutes! The winning team defied gravity to build a spire over 6 feet tall, and the top three teams were awarded their choice among a fabulous spread of library swag. It was fun for everyone, and brought a lot of students into the library. LSAG hopes to make this an annual event.

Meeting notes 

LSAG meeting agenda and notes (2022-2023)

Annual Report 

2022-23 Annual Report 

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