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Biomed Students 3-D Print Solutions at Galvin

Student stands near a 3-d printer

Hospitals currently use disposable patient restraints, which can be costly to the hospitals and environment. Delaney Shepherd, a fourth year graduating Biomedical Engineering student at Illinois Tech, and her team RestrainTech, paired with Medline to design soft patient restraints that could be reused. For their senior design project her team prototyped a restraint using the LulzBot Taz 3-D printer in Galvin Library’s Exploration Space to create a 3-D printed camlock which made their restraint design not only reusable but also easier for healthcare professionals to use. Their design also had increased performance over the standard disposable models in a tensile test. Team members included Katherine Hoefgen, Michael Milici, Delaney Shepherd, and Kristin Wills.

Shepherd reports that Medline is moving forward with their design, potentially changing the future of patient restraints to incorporate their design.

To find out more about 3-D printing at Galvin Library, visit the Exploration Space.