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Ethics Codes Collection

Also known as: ECC

The Ethics Codes Collection (ECC) is the largest database of codes of ethics and guidelines in the world. It contains over 2,500 individual codes from around 1,500 different organizations, and collects both current and historical versions of these documents. The ECC seeks to provide practitioners, students, scholars and the public access to codes of ethics and guidelines and in this way inform ethical decision making in professional, entrepreneurial, scientific, and technological fields.

Good for these subjects:
Aerospace Engineering | Anthropology | Architecture | Art and Architectural History | Biology | Biomedical Engineering | Business | Chemical Engineering | Chemistry | Civil and Architectural Engineering | Communications | Computer Science | Digital Humanities | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering Management | Environmental Engineering | Environmental Management and Sustainability | Food Process Engineering | Food Safety and Technology | History | Humanities | Industrial Technology and Management | Journalism of Technology, Science, and Business | Lewis College of Human Sciences | Materials Engineering | Materials Science | Mathematics | Mechanical Engineering | Military Science | Philosophy | Physics | Political Science | Psychology | Public Administration | Science | Social Sciences | Sociology
Contains these types of content: