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Many of our resources have a lot more to offer than just journal articles. We have ebooks, videos, and more.

Abstracts and Indexes Lists of article information: title, author, publication, sometimes a brief summary. They do not contain full-text articles.
Books and eBooks Full-text books you can access online or in a print copy.
Codes and Standards Building and engineering instructions and requirements.
Data Material property, demographic, and statistical information
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, and other sources of factual information.
Digital Collections A group of digital objects that contains visual, audio, or textual items. Generally focused around a particular topic.
Dissertations and Theses Documents published by students when completing advanced degrees
Film and Videos Videos and other audiovisual material.
Government Documents Reports, papers, and statistics generated by U.S. federal and state agencies.
Images Photographs, charts, illustrations, and other images.
Journal Articles Scholarly, academic publications that are published periodically.
Language Resources Websites, DVDs and apps that are used to learn a new language.
Magazines Publications that are published periodically about a particular subject or area of interest. They are not considered scholarly and often contain advertisements.
Maps and GIS Data Online map collections and geographic or spatial data
Newspapers Paper published on a schedule containing news, editorials, and advertisements. Generally not considered scholarly resources.
Patents The method of obtaining a right to set ownership of an invention and prevent unauthorized duplication.
Technical Reports Publications created by military and scientific institutions.