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What is repository.iit?

repository.iit is the Illinois Institute of Technology’s institutional repository. It is a digital archive for the research and creative output of the Illinois Institute of Technology community.


Why use repository.iit?

  • It provides a single place for sharing the results of IIT's research and pedagogy
  • It provides global awareness of IIT's scholarly output and research initiatives
  • It provides long-term preservation (where appropriate) of all types of digital materials created by IIT's faculty, staff, and researchers
  • It provides persistent URLs that can be dependably used for linking to publications, research data, and other digital content

Who can use repository.iit?

Anyone can browse or search repository.iit. Some items are restricted to IIT members only and you will first have to login using your IIT email address.

How do I add items to repository.iit?

To deposit material in the repository, make sure you are logged in to my.iit with your IIT email address then use this form to submit items to repository.iit. Only users with Illinois Tech email addresses will be able to submit to this form. You must be Illinois Tech student, faculty, or staff to submit items to the repository.

What can I deposit into repository.iit?

Repository.iit is for you to use for whatever you want, provided that:

  • it was produced, submitted, and/or sponsored by IIT faculty, students, researchers or staff
  • it is in digital form
  • it is scholarly, educational, and/or related to IIT
  • it will be a permanent contribution to the repository
  • it is ready for public dissemination
  • you (or the author/copyright owner) are willing and able to grant IIT the right to preserve and distribute the work via repository.iit. The author/copyright holder retains copyright for all items submitted

Some examples of the types of items that can be deposited are:

  • course materials, such as homework, solution sets, notes, video lectures, syllabi, etc
  • experimental or observational datasets
  • conference and symposia presentations and papers
  • lab notes and videos
  • article pre-prints and post-prints

IIT Digital Repository Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy

The following provides general policies and guidelines about copyright and intellectual property in relationship to IIT's Digital Repository. If you have a question that you do not see answered here, please contact us at

If you hold copyright:

If you hold copyright for an item deposited in repository.iit, you retain that copyright. All copyright holders must agree to a non-exclusive distribution and preservation license that allows us to disseminate the deposited work over the web and make copies of that work for preservation purposes. The copyright holder may distribute or formally publish his or her work in the same or different form without obtaining permission or notifying the Galvin Library staff. Galvin Library does not seek or claim copyright on any deposited works, nor does it seek revenue from deposited works. Authors who wish to consider setting conditions on re-use (outside of fair use) of their materials may select a Creative Commons license when submitting a work with our submission form. Currently, all items in repository.iit are considered under copyright with all rights reserved. If you do deposit this material into repository.iit, you must agree to the terms upon submission outlined in the Use & Release form: a non-exclusive distribution and preservation license specific to repository.iit. This allows the Galvin Library to disseminate the deposited work over the web (via and make copies of that work for preservation purposes.

If you signed copyright over to a third party (i.e., a publisher):

If you have signed over your copyright to a publisher or other third party, you may still be able to deposit that work into repository.iit. More and more publishers, whether commercial or non-profit, will permit the deposit of a pre-print or a post-print online and include this permission into their copyright agreement with authors. If you would like to know what your particular publisher permits, visit the Sherpa/RoMEO Web site at There, you may search or browse for the name of your publisher or for the journal itself. If your publisher is not listed in the Sherpa database, IIT Digital Repository staff is happy to help you investigate this issue with your publisher. When you publish you can also negotiate to submit your work to IIT's Digital Repository. SPARC offers useful resources for authors on copyright issues at If you have permission to deposit this material into an institutional repository, you must agree to repository.iit's non-exclusive distribution and preservation license. This allows us to disseminate the deposited work over the Web and make copies of that work for preservation purposes. If there are specific conditions that the copyright holder makes for the deposit of the material (for example, that it be embargoed for a specific period of time), you can select the date until which the material should be embargoed. Your content will not be accessible to the public until the embargo lift date occurs.

Useful Links

  • SPARC's Author Rights Resources Not sure what your rights are as an author? Confused by your publishing agreement? The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) has put together a useful guide to help answer these questions.
  • SHERPA / RoMEO Search Not sure if your publisher allows you to submit content to IIT's Digital Repository? SHERPA/RoMEO is a database that can help you figure it out. You can search by journal title or publisher.
  • Creative Commons Licenses Not sure which Creative Commons license to select? Read about the six licenses that fall under Creative Commons to help you decide.