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Open Educational Resources

IIT is well-positioned to grow an Open Education Resources program, and is beginning to do so, innovating with its students and faculty as Galvin Library already possesses a functional Institutional Repository.
  • A variety of institutions have saved students tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars with Open Educational Textbook initiatives.
  • Early studies have shown that students that used open textbooks tended to have better grades and lower withdrawal rates.
  • You will find more information on the attached factsheet on OER, or at the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resource Coalition's website.
Galvin Library is currently gathering a group of interested parties across campus to discuss developing a systematic Open Education Resource (OER) initiative, which could raise the status of the university and demonstrate innovation in the curriculum. If you or someone you know would be interested in hearing more about being a part of this initiative, please contact Devin Savage at know and we will work to find a time to meet with you.