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Copyright Resources

General Questions

Copyright plays an important role in universities as they are both consumers and creators of content that is governed by copyright. Contact us if you have questions such as:

  • How do I retain copyright over my published material?
  • How can I make sure I’m following copyright law in my classroom?

Theses & Dissertation

If you need help formatting, submitting or preparing your Thesis or Dissertation please contact the library.

Creating Persistent URLs

Often the best way to avoid copyright problems is to provide a link to the resource, rather than providing a copy of the resource itself. If possible, follow this guide for creating persistent URLs. Use the proxy "" before a permalink on the website of a resource provided by Galvin if there is no persistent URL tool available.

Publicly Available Images

We encourage Faculty, Students and Staff to use publicly available images that are licensed through the Creative Commons.

Seeking Permission from the Copyright Owner

If you need to use a copyrighted work contact and ask the owner to use the work. Often, the owner isn’t easily found and in those cases you can use the Copyright Clearance Center, which will ensure that permission is granted for a fee.

Fair Use Evaluator

The Fair Use Evaluator is an online tool that helps users understand how to find out if the use of a protected work is a “fair use.”


The TEACH Act checklist is resources that helps users understand if the transmission of a protected work is admissable by the TEACH Act, Section 110(2). 

Exceptions for Instructors eTool

The Exceptions for Instructors eTool tells you if your item is still protected by copyright. If it is not you don’t need to seek permission to reuse it as you see fit.