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Course Reserves

*Please Note - In coordination with the ongoing campus response to the COVID-19 pandemic, course reserve textbooks cannot currently be checked out. Instead, students may request for textbook chapters to be scanned and made available to view. Visit the library's Service Continuation page for more information about requesting scanned chapters. The library will continue to loan laptops, wifi hotspots, and ipads as normal.*

Textbooks and other course reserves allow students to use materials set aside by faculty to assist in coursework. This may include textbooks, reading material, practice exams, problem sets, etc. For questions on reserves, contact the Reserves Specialist at

Print Reserve materials are available only at the Circulation Desk. This includes books, videos, textbooks, and other copyrighted material. These materials can only be checked out by the IIT community, or I-Share members, and must be returned during the allotted loan period (usually 2 hours). Library users are only allowed to check out one reserve item at a time. Reserve materials cannot be renewed and must be returned directly to the Circulation Desk. There is a 15-minute waiting period before re-borrowing a returned reserve item.

It is not library policy, nor practice, to purchase circulating copies of textbooks for students. Some current textbooks have been placed on reserve.

Loan Periods & Fines

Print reserves will fall under one of the following categories:

Library Use Only

The item may be used for any length of time while the library is open, but may not leave the building.

2-Hour Use

The item may be used in the library for a two-hour time period. Fine: $5/hr

24-Hour Use

The item may be taken out of the library for a 24-hour time period. Fine: $5/day

3-Day Use

The item may be taken out of the library for a 3-day time period. Fine: $5/day