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Quick Facts


The Paul V. Galvin library is open 147 hours/week, 24 hours per day, five days a week during the academic year, and 24/7 during the final weeks of the semester. We have flexible seating and study arrangements which thousands of IIT students take advantage of each year. Check the hours page for current opening and closing times. 


Galvin Library provides access to over 100 databases full of easy to access scholarly journals, providing library users over 500,000 articles free of charge, every year. Through our networks with other libraries, students, staff, and faculty have access to an almost endless supply of material.

Librarians and Services

We have librarian, archivists, and friendly students staffing the service desks, answering your phone calls, chats, and emails all year long. We provide access not only to our print and electronic materials, including undergraduate textbooks, but we also check out laptops, iPads, and provide 3-D printing to all IIT students. We provide orientation and instruction sessions to thousands of students, as well as Research Appointments for students to get one-on-one assistance with their studies. Have a question? Just ask us