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Kemper Room

The Kemper Room of the Paul V. Galvin Library is available for students, faculty, staff, and invited guests.

The Kemper Room is located within Galvin Library on the upper level.  During exhibits, the space will still be used regularly for small meetings and quiet study.  Except for installation and de-installation, the space will remain open for library patrons’ use. Exhibits cannot impede the regular use of the room by students and staff. The Kemper Room is located in the Library’s quiet zone, so audio is not allowed.

Exhibit proposals should be submitted by individuals or groups by filling out the Kemper Exhibit Proposal form online.  The form must be submitted at least six weeks before the proposed opening date. The Library will respond within three business days.

Galvin Library is not responsible for the safety and care of works on display.  Because the Kemper Room is not staffed, there is a risk of damage and/or theft.  The Library’s insurance policy does not cover exhibits. 

Permission for the Library to photograph and reproduce items for publicity purposes is considered granted unless otherwise stated in writing.

Contact us at if you have any questions.