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Fines for Lost, Damaged, or Late Items

You are responsible for knowing your items' due dates. The late return of library materials prevents other users from having access to the materials. A system-generated email notice will be sent to you when an item becomes overdue.

Fines must be paid online. No cash payments will be accepted. Before you pay your fine, contact the Circulation Desk so that the correct amount can be verified.

Pay fine


Reserve Items (textbooks)
$5.00 per hour
Special Materials
$2.00 per day
Laptops & iPads
$10.00 per hour
Power Cords
$5.00 per hour
Power Cords - replacement fee

Other Institutions

Fines and fees that are charged to you by other institutions must be paid directly to the respective institution. Here is contact information for I-Share institutions. If you need assistance in identifying the lending institution and items in question, you can contact our circulation desk.

Appealing Fines

If you feel that you have been billed in error, contact the Circulation Desk.