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Donating Books

The library welcomes the donation of books, journals, conference papers, reports, and other materials subject to the library's Collection Development Policy.

  • The decision to accept gifts for addition to the library's collection will be made by the appropriate librarians and may require consultation with the Dean of Libraries for larger or valuable collections.
  • Gifts of manuscripts or archival materials should be referred to the University Archives.
  • Donations may be dropped off at the library at any time, although it is highly recommended that those wishing to donate larger collections contact the Collections Development group at beforehand.

Please be advised

  • We can only select some books and other materials for the library’s collection.
  • Any donated items not selected for the library's collections may be sold to dealers, shared with other university libraries, or donated to charity; we cannot return them to the donor.
  • Donors are responsible for transporting gifts to the library. In certain cases, the library will pay for packing and shipping of gift items.  
  • Donors wishing to receive a letter of acknowledgment must include their contact information when making a donation.

Note: Due to IRS rules, the library cannot make monetary appraisals of donated materials. For gifts that require a Deed of Gift, the Dean of Libraries will process these deeds.