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Computer & Database Access

Library users and staff members are responsible for their activities and accountable for their conduct while using library computing resources. Acceptable use of IIT computing resources outside of library systems, including e-mail services, computing labs, and the campus network is governed by IIT's Policies for Computer Use.

General Use Guidelines

  • Computer use is reserved for IIT students, faculty, and staff. View our visitor policy
  • Users of the library's computing resources are obligated to respect intellectual rights and intellectual property rights.
  • Duplicating and/or distributing information in violation of applicable copyright laws is not permitted.
  • Library computing resources are to be used by patrons and staff members for educational, instructional, service, research, administrative, and other purposes related to their role in the university community.
  • Pornographic or other offensive materials, including material that may be interpreted as harassment by others, may not be viewed, downloaded, or transmitted to or from any computer on the library network.
  • Users of library computing resources are prohibited from using these resources to affect other computers on the library network in any way.
  • The execution of computer programs intended to gain unauthorized access to or make unauthorized use of library computing resources or software is prohibited.
  • Users are prohibited from installing software on any library computer.

E-Resources Access Policy

  • Databases and electronic journals are provided for academic research by current authorized Illinois Institute of Technology faculty, students and staff only.
  • The use of these online resources is governed by copyright law and by the terms of the license between university and the publisher.

Prohibited Actions:

  • Any commercial use.
  • Systematic or substantial reproduction of the information provided in the database or electronic journal or creation of derivative works.
  • Alteration, modification, or repackaging of the information contents in the database or electronic journal, including creating a searchable archive.
  • Distribution of the information contents of the online service, or material downloaded from the online service, in any form.
  • Systematic downloading of data collections or entire journals or conference proceedings.

The library maintains the right to deny access to its computing resources to patrons who violate acceptable rules for these resources, and the right to monitor network use and discipline staff members in accordance with library personnel policies if they violate acceptable use of computing resources.