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PSYC 526-01: Psychopathology (Haedt Matt)

Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : (5th ed.),
RC455.2.C4D5362013 Is it checked out?
Psychopathology : (Third edition.), author: W. Edward Craighead, David J....
This book may not be available. Try a catalog search.

SOC 211-01: Intro to Sociology of Space (Segerstrale)

City : rediscovering the center (2009), author: Whyte
HT151.W552009 Is it checked out?
House as a mirror of self : exploring the deeper meaning of home (2006), author: Marcus
BF175.5.O22M372006 Is it checked out?
The hidden dimension (1990), author: Hall
BF469.H31990 Is it checked out?
The image of the city. (1960), author: Lynch
The meaning of the built environment : a nonverbal communication approach (1990), author: Rapoport
BF353.R361990 Is it checked out?

SSCI 318-01: Global Health (Ireland)

Global health 101 (3rd), author: Skolnik
RA441 .S56 2016 Is it checked out?
Global health 101 (2nd ed.), author: Richard Skolnik
RA441 .S56 2012 Is it checked out?