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Mango Languages is an online language-learning system that teaches conversation skills in several languages.

More about Mango Languages

Learn everyday greetings, gratitudes, goodbyes and helpful phrases in a short period of time. The courses are currently available in more than 20 foreign languages and more than 12 English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, all of which can be accessed from off-campus. Click here for a list of available languages.

Access the database from this link. You can create a profile that will track your progress, or simply use the "Start Learning" button to access the tutorials without registering.

You can also access Mango Languages through our databases page, or download the iPhone/Adroid app.

Note: Mango Languages requires a javascript-enabled browser and Adobe Flash Player.

Rosetta Stone in the library

Rosetta Stone is an interactive, multi-media, language instruction software program for use in the Paul V. Galvin Library to all students, faculty and staff of IIT.

More about Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone mimics the natural process for language acquisition that we take for granted as a child. Through interactive, digital technology Rosetta Stone attempts to replicate and activate that process for all learners. Rosetta Stone immerses you in the target language with images, text, and voices of native speakers. As a result, you will learn to speak, read and write the new language quickly, naturally and easily.

    • stop by the circulation desk on the lower level
    • ask for Rosetta Stone language CD and a level from the following list:
      • English - Level 1, 2, & 3
      • Chinese - Level 1 & 2
      • Spanish - Level 1 & 2
      • Arabic - Level 1 & 2
      • French - Level 1 & 2
      • German - Level 1 & 2
      • Portuguese - Level 1 & 2
    • Proceed to the Group Study Suite to use the computers in the Multimedia Room

    The language CD is available for use in the library for 2 hours at a time. To take full advantage of the Rosetta Stone Language instruction method, you will need to bring along your headset/microphone.

    Once you have checked out a Rosetta Stone language CD, you will need to:

    • Start up the computer in the Multimedia Room
    • Insert the language CD
    • Click on the Rosetta Stone application shortcut from the Desktop
    • Select the Language and Level you would like to learn.

    A user guide is available in the curriculum materials you receive when you check out the Rosetta Stone Language CD.

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