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Computing & Wi-Fi

The IFSH Library offers a number of computing services for Moffett Campus Graduate Students, IFSH/IIT faculty and staff members, and IFSH FDA personnel. If you have questions or need assistance using library computers, ask a library staff member.

The library provides five (5) computer workstations that are located on east side of the first floor of the library. The primary purpose of these computer workstations is to provide Moffett Campus Graduate Students with easy access to their coursework and library's electronic resources. As such, when computer workstations are filled to capacity, the following usage priorities will be in effect: 1) Students are given first priority; 2) IIT and FDA personnel are given second priority.

Eating is prohibited at any of the computer workstations. One computer workstation is equipped with a scanner, and students and IFSH personnel may be asked to move to another computer to accommodate scanning requests.

All computers are running Windows XP and feature the following software: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel; Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox; Quicktime and Real Player; and Acrobat Reader.