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Teaching Assistants' Guide

Become a Student Proxy for a Professor

Teaching Assistants can serve their professor(s) by becoming a proxy. Proxies serve as a courier for the professor by retrieving professor's books on hold, and submitting course reserves. Professors must request to add a student proxy to their library account by contacting the Circulation Desk.

Submitting Course Materials for Professors

Teaching Assistants can submit course materials for their professor.


  • The library places all undergraduate textbooks on course reserve as long as the book is listed on the bookstore's website. Late submissions to the bookstore will delay the library's ability to have the book ready for the first day of classes.
  • Professors can put their personal copies of textbooks on reserve.
  • Textbooks can be used inside the library for two hours at a time.

Have a Librarian Teach Your Students

Librarians are available to instruct your students on conducting research:

  • Request library instruction if your class has an assignment that requires library use. Librarians can make online course guides for the classes too.
  • Submit an Assignment Alert for upcoming "library assignments." Or, if your professor is considering a "library assignment" have a librarian help design the assignment to maximize learning opportunities.

IIT Writing Center

The Writing Center is a resource for all IIT students for help. You can either make an appointment with them, or they also help students on a walk-in basis.