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Citation Management - Zotero

Zotero is a citation management software that helps you manage your sources, no matter the format, and allows you to create libraries of content and easily create bibliographies, footnotes, endnotes, and manage your citations. The free account allows for some storage, and a small fee allows you much larger storage limit.

Install Zotero


  • It's very easy to use.
  • It's fast & free
  • Zotero for Firefox does not require local admin privileges to install. You can install it on the library's computers, but it will be deleted when you log off.
  • Zotero Standalone is available for Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux.
  • Zotero Standalone has plug-ins available for Chrome & Safari.
  • Plug-ins available for You can set up an account for online syncing.
  • It has an add-in for Microsoft Word and LibreOffice.


  • Browser specific: works with Chrome FireFox and Safari, but not Internet Explorer.
  • Syncing is not the same as backing up your data. Zotero recommends that if you are working on a large document, you back up your library file manually.
  • Zotero Standalone requires local admin rights on your computer to install, so you will not be able to install it on lab or library computers.
  • Only a few citation formats are supported, but they are the most common ones (ACS is not supported).

Installation instructions

Zotero Add-on for Firefox

  1. Open your FireFox browser.
  2. Register for a Zotero login. This will allow you to sync your citations across multiple computers.
  3. Download the main Zotero add-on
  4. Using Microsoft Word or OpenOffice? Download the corresponding word processing add-on.
  5. Once your Zotero registration is complete. Sync your computer to your Zotero account.

Zotero Standalone for Chrome, Safari and Firefox

  1. Register for a Zotero login. This will allow you to sync your citations across multiple computers.
  2. Download Zotero Standalone. Windows - Linux (x86) - Linux (x86 64) - Mac OS X Using Chrome or Safari? Download the corresponding connectors. Chrome - Safari
  3. Sync Zotero Standalone to your Zotero account. Tools -> Options -> Zotero Sync Server
  4. Need help? Go to Zotero's documentation page or Zotero quick start guide. Zotero documentation site offers step-by-step instructions for many of the processes you will need to use.