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Digital Collections

The libraries have created a wealth of online collections, including rare or unique materials which have been digitized to be viewed by a wide audience, as well as preserved for future generations.

An online repository of technical reports and documents covering the history of the first century of powered human flight, including the space race in the 1950s and '60s.

IIT Digital Repository
The repository supports cross-disciplinary collaboration by collecting, preserving, disseminating, and providing persistent and reliable access to all faculty, staff, and student digital research and scholarship. Supported and maintained by the Paul V. Galvin Library, repository.iit also preserves library and archival collections, and serves as a living archive for other materials representing the many diverse aspects of the IIT community.

Tech News Collection
A digitized collection of IIT-published newspapers, including the current campus newspaper "IIT Technology News" and its predecessors "Armour News" and "Armour Tech News," which have been in publication since 1928. This web site provides indexing and access to over 58,000 articles from issues published between 1928-1981.

Voices of the Holocaust
This project offers access to text and audio of first-hand interviews conducted in 1946 with victims of the Nazi holocaust by former IIT professor David P. Boder.

World's Columbian Exposition of 1893
An online collection of over 12,000 illustrations and full-text images from four rare nineteenth-century volumes about the Chicago World's Fair.

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